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We're always glad to hear from other bands who are interested in becoming part of the Blues Collaborative. Joining the Blues Collaborative is FREE. By joining the Blues Collaborative we'll:

  • Add your band name and brief bio to the Bands page with a link to your web site;
  • List your CD's on the Music page with links for purchasing your music on CDBaby.com and iTunes;
  • Include mp3's of your music in the playlist of the music player on the Music page, also with links for purchasing your musics (this is a secure streaming player so listeners will not be able to download songs);
  • List your scheduled gigs on the Schedule page; and
  • Include your upcoming schedule and any special band news in our (usually) weekly Blues Collaborative newsletter.
  • Include you and members of your band in the pool of musicians we draw from for Blues Collaborative events, such as the annual Blues Cruisin' Lunch.

Here’s all it takes -- e-mail the following information to buddy@bluescollaborative.com:

Required Information
In order to list your band, here's the minimum information we'll need to get started:

  • Band Biography
    A short bio of the band to use on the Bands page. If you want and to make it easy, just point to to some text on the web such as your web site, CDBaby page, etc. if you prefer. Include the names of the members of your band. The bio should be between 75 and 150 words.
  • Band Schedule
    Your band schedule as far into the future as you have it. Include the Date, Venue, Address, Phone #, and Times for each gig. We’ll add your schedule to the overall schedule and it will show up on the Schedule page and in the weekly newsletters. Then, as you get new gigs, we ask that you just e-mail the details so that the schedule can be kept up to date.
  • Band Web Site
    The URL link to the primary web site for your band that will be included with the Band Biography on the Bands page.

Optional Information
To make the most out of your listing with Blues Collaborative, you can provide additional information and media which we'll gladly promote on the Blues Collaborative web site.

  • CD's for Sale
    A list of any of your CD's you'd like to list on our Music page. It will make it easier if you can also provide the links for purchasing your music. We'll provide links to CDBaby, iTunes, or the purchase page on your web site.
  • YouTube Videos
    The Videos page of the Blues Collaborative web site, a.k.a. Blues Collaborative TV, includes a YouTube player with a playlist of around 40 videos showing live performances by Blues Collaborative bands. If you'd like one or more of your videos to be included in the playlist, just send the link to your YouTube videos.
  • Music Samples
    Up to 3 mp3's of songs you'd like to include in the playlist of the music player on the Music page. They don't have to be commercially available, they can also be demo's, recordings of live performances, etc. Sometimes e-mailing large mp3's can be a problem. If this happens, we'll give a link for uploading your files.
  • Information about Special Gigs
    if there’s a special gig that you’d like to highlight (beyond the date, time and place), just e-mail the info a few weeks in advance and a short article about it in the newsletter a couple of weeks in advance.
  • E-mail Addresses
    We're always looking to expand our mailing list on behalf of all the bands. If you have an e-mail list you're comfortable sharing we'd be glad to add it to ours. We completely understand if you'd rather not do that and, in that case, would simply ask that you announce that you've joined the Blues Collaborative to your mailing list and include a link to the Blues Collaborative where they can go to sign up for our mail list themselves if they're interested.

Once we get your info, we'll get it posted on the Blues Collaborative web site and schedule pretty quickly. All we need to get started is your bio and schedule. Also, once you've joined, we’ll add an announcement in the next newsletter and put links to your web sites.

For the time being, we're not charging anything to be included in the Blues Collaborative. Our purpose is not to generate revenue. It’s simply something we do just to promote the live music and blues in the area. At some point, if the number of people on the mailing list continues to grow, we might need to upgrade our account for sending out our newsletters. At that point, we may ask for some help from the bands, but don't imagine it being more than $20 or $30 per year. But it’s no problem for now and I don’t see that changing any time soon. We just want to give you a heads up that it might be a possibility down the road.

We look forward to hearing from you -- keep the blues alive!!

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